Who We Are

We have been successfully trained applicants for years.

Welcome to Haward School of Driving, the first to be qualified for FRSC full accreditation and the ministry of Transport (MOT) in Edo State. A private fast-growing company with difference that operates in all areas as it relates to vehicle and road use, bringing about safety on our roads.  It is a well-known fact that it is the road users who either make the road safe or very dangerous.

Everyday hundreds of our fellow human beings are always involved in road crash. They are injured, paralyzed or disfigured for life while many are also killed out rightly or die as slow painful death. When these crashes occur, the strained health care centers often cannot adequately cater for them. So, entire families, relations, friends and colleagues are suddenly swept away bringing grief and making life more difficult for those that survives it.

What makes us different?

The question is who will be the next victim to be killed, injured, paralyzed or disfigured for life by road crash?  Its cloud be you, friends, relations or even me, therefore, think and co-operate with us at Haward School of Driving a division of Aigbekaen Haward and Company.

Mission Statement

To provide the best services in all we do at HAWARD SCHOOL OF DRIVING under the umbrella of AIGBEKAEN HAWARD COMPANY, hence our mission statement is “SAFETY ON WHEELS”.


Vision Statement

To successfully reduce road crashes to the barest minimum.


  Everybody can always drive a vehicle either manual or automatic but the duration of training differs that is some people may learn fast while others may not. This does not postulate that you cannot learn or you were not taught, but all you may need to do is to extend your program for ore training or retraining.

3000+ Students

25+ years of service

1 million+ Driving Licence Applicants

4+ Office Branches