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As we all know, you never stop learning, and that applies to driving, too. If you have taken defensive driving lessons in the past, a refresher session is a good way to keep your safe driving skills on point and acquire new abilities so you can stay safe on the road.


At Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” we are honored to have the most intelligent, talented, and creative students who will experience the best of what our outstanding INSTRUCTORS has to offer.


Everybody can always drive a vehicle either manual or automatic but the duration of training differs that is some people may learn fast while others may not. This does not postulate that you cannot learn or you were not taught, but all you may need to do is to extend your program for ore training or retraining.


The federal Road Safety commission (FRSC) Training standard is a minimum of three months for basic learners which is our maximum duration for now, due to the fact that we have been able to simplify the learning to a large extent considering your time, pocket and the economy generally, just to encourage our students


In developed countries, you must learn again and again until you meet their minimum requirement before you can be certified with a driver’s license. Thereby you may not need to carry the L-sign anymore after your training with the school. Here in Nigeria, some people even want to learn for one or two weeks and then start using the road with or without other drivers who have little or no experience in driving tutoring, as a result the risks are still unavoidable.


Please do not start driving without being taught; waiting for the authority to arrest you first before going to a Driving School, it is not the best! Life does not have duplicate; many have made this mistake and damaged their vehicles, lost lives or properties. The mere fact that you do not know the victims or that they are not close to you does not mean it is not happening.


Please do not act penny wise because any mistake you make at this time may possibly cost you higher than if you had started with a good and registered school of driving and possibly sign in for home service that personal training with your vehicle.


Not just a driving school, but also an Accredited/Standard or Minimum Standard Driving School that is Haward School of Driving. Distance should not be a barrier/excuse for you to attend the course/school. We are at your services always.


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We incorporate with the sole objective of INCULCATING SAFE DRIVING SKILLS to Motorist and other road users in Nigeria and beyond, safety is the hub of life.

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